Friday, July 6, 2012

Why should said that?

A politic talking a listed company in front of media. From his comments, we could noted actually he is lack of knowledge of corporate exercise. Very simple is if some one owe your some money, now he is trying to exchange his property with you at market value of 10% premium or discount. So, the price of purchase higher than loan amount, definitely we should pay the balance of the purchase price. That will bring 3 advantages :-

a) The loan has been settled
b) The property not use by loan borrower for other purposes.
c) Stop others creditors applied the court injunction on the piece of properties.

The settlement between the owner and lender. If this deal done by private company maybe we can say a lot of issues has been covered. For the listed company, I do believed and trusted the deal has been obtained approval from authority. the politician forgotten, most of the authority department is under their party. So, if he claimed such deal was wrong, he should bring back to his party and government to query them. That's also mean the authority never carry their duty in the proper manner. 

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