Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Come????

Yesterday I had attended a meeting, found that most of the members dare to question someone. Is it I should afraid the such bad situation? The meeting more concern about IT product. Actually that is quite difficult because its concern some many technical issue and yet no one can solve it. The situation so bad because no one could give the proper direction how to solve the bad situation. Indeed, in the market also hard to locate a proper right people to meet such requirement. Like example: -

a) Copy write problem
b) Smoothy of the system
c) Bug of the computer
d) have to keep confidential

The above problem only are part of it. So, I am wondering why ACE market stocks or their company how to perform. On the fact, I noted that maybe they got specific skill on specific things. So they can list for public trading. But it shouldn't have any funds manager interested on that to buy in their stock.Last 3 months, most of them flying (Price up). Now, there go back to normal. Actually, I am a speculator type of investors. Such move I like it but how come i have never involved the party??????   

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