Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ho Hup failed be a giant of construction. SP Setia worry other developer ahead them.LeeMan Brothers became bankruptcy, they success or fail because of change. Every company require a change. Changing is mean firm (no change) because every corporation may face the cost of sale increased and % of profit margin maintain as previous. That's mean the profit will drop substantially. If a corporation maintain the same staffs, it require to provide better benefit to them but normally those staffs only can delivery the same quality of works/production.

So, change means the value of staffs has been explored with quality. Change means help company maintain the better services to customers. If give a dollar to staff and the jobs quality maintain as 10 years ago. So, one day the corporation business slowly obsolete and then disappear.

A lot of business man think better dun change because of fears of loss business and hopefully the business maintain. So, normally fear of expanding with extra cost. Their dream with the pass history. It was created a bad signal to future because today business environment rapid changes by every second. Hence, the corporate head think not changing is a better way of maintain business, but actually this thinking is wrong. One day they may found every dollar earn from business require double cost/effort than previous. One day they may found turnover increase but profit worst than previous. 

Corporation head should aware, that is hardly looking a manpower to maintain the existing business as before. So, they require to pay double of salary to recruit a staff but finally found that also can't help company registered profit as previous. They are not understand without changing actually loss step in the market.

So, change means no changing. Change means better survive skill and standing firm facing the impact. When you need to think your business have to maintain as previous, that is a signal of change. So, hurry up evaluate your business now and then plan a change for surviving.

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