Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Economic Circulation Effect

Currently, in the country, a fund of 250 million is a hot topic for discussion. Why? I do not know why because in my mind if government is fair and equal minded, they should implemented a good system to improve national resources to be fully utilized for every one in the country. Not only for few people.

Let us imagine, if 250 million can use it for people does it bring a better effect for nation economic. Is it can help country improve the monetary circulation? Does it fair to others whom have same status like few people ? Few people are enjoying the resources but they can't (That is about 13 million people who have same status like few of them in the country). Of course, those who not have such privilege should not claim unfair because maybe government can said that is special allocation to special one. Actually no one angry about the privilege status but it should be fair distribution to everyone of them.  Everyone will happy because the circulation of asset fair and it automatic or indirectly improve the economic. Not like the above said case become low density effect on circulation.Let us imagine, if one day I can lend such money and use it as fixed deposit to earn interest and after few weeks refund immediately. The effect is next month I can have more money to spend. And so, the people who receive the loan from my refund also can do so. I do believe the effect definite better than now..
We also can imagine if someone receive such loan use it for acquisition, at least can create more position of employment rather than few people only receive a high amount of salary.
Of course, the argument point is government could claimed that is long term project for improving lifestyle of population. What so ever long term or short term, the distribution already bring bad effect on that and 13 million people are wondering why can't government select me as investor. So, maybe they prefer 250 million equal distribution to all 13 million people, at least such can bring economic/monetary circulation faster with good effect.  

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