Sunday, June 3, 2012

A new number plate

A new economic theory said, if you wanna to well know by people or famous among your society. You must do something extra ordinary way. So, a paint can sell 100 million and a number can expensive than a house. Like we buy stock all by number code. Something unique cause you rich. Something old tale with the thing also more valuable.

Some people be a cartoon in youtube because they wanna show themselve unique.An advertisement spread over your life time with every second. Then, Google can earn more than it expect. A dictionary now can create million million dollar because they name it as search machine.

An economic must attached with a dream. An economic must support by people's likes and needs. So, in our share market, which stocks shown such behaviour. Is it Digi? No because they sell all people info to someone, the ethic is not there. Is it Tenaga? No, because it carry a social burden.

A new era with new economic soon out because traditional way of trading and business strategy all gone by crisis. If it refuse to change, the crisis is continue.

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