Monday, August 27, 2012

Shanghai Index

Now, shanghai index hit this year low again, stood at 2064.50 point. As at today, it was lose total 6.13% when compared with year ended 2011. The move show all negative because of  6 days drop 4 days up. It make you confused. Most of drop points registered higher than up gain points.

The negative showed you are hardly run away because it slowly make you drop into trap. If the index fluctuation frequent. You are easy to know where is the support. But now it was started eat your skin and then when you are noted you has been loss bones.

Let us imagine, if one day shanghai index loss 300 points with 3 days. Is it the world market swinging? What is the main factor cause it drop so much? So, if you do not aware that and lack of information. That is a signal of kick off market up trend.

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jeremy said...

It has its ups and downs. MArket today is a little shaky.

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