Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big deal or small deal?

In order to ensure every transaction into proper manner. We should aware third party opinions is important. So, the criticise by anyone it can be solved easily. No one is happy when certain deal drop by a mouth.

A tycoon now manipulated some deal in the market. It seem like use public money to control a company. All fellow who follow his stocks get struck. So, how to defensive your hard earn money drop into their hand.

Actually when you are involved into his game which was controlled by him. You should aware that is a loss game. Not even a cent you can take away from that. 

A big deal like Talam restructuring case like into trouble because of politic. A simple deal like this already observing by SC, Bursa, FIC and shareholders as well as bankers. From that if any deal scan through by such authority department also can drop because of someone said fishies. So what we can trust?     

I do not who is the big beneficiaries? But obviously is banker( those listed company also). Because all money go to them to settled the outstanding loans. Who is controlled the bank???? Is it KWSP & LTAT. KWAP, Tabung Haji or Khazanah Holdings all involved into that?

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