Friday, August 24, 2012


A man name 牛郎 loving 织女. Traditional story told us they only can meet once in the year. Now, both of them become very fat. So, yesterday night when they climbed the bird bridge cause the collapse. Both drop into river and called 911 rescue. Actually, now days two of them very happy because of popular of internet and facebook. They always can meet in day time. No need wait so long to meet once in the year. 

Yesterday, 织女 surfing from internet looking for slim body company to reduce her weight but that is too late. She was finally drop into water because of too heavy. A slim body company asked her to sign a contract be their spokesperson and offer her high remuneration per annum.

A dream with a culture make ordinary people spend money to buy product. An idea perfectly with product make everybody happy and joy. So, is it our shares market got such company and then base on creative to win the market sharing.

Nestle got nescafe, power root got alicafe. Old town got old town white coffee. I dun have such product to sell and then I should looking a brand to invest.

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