Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why you wanna go away?

A couple need his partner giving a support in his life. Now, the other one wanna to go away because she refuse to work to settle her debts. She wanna her husband pay everything for her. His husband trying print some new note and restructure her loan but set a condition to her. She refuse that and threaten wanna to leaving. The results can be very bad. A family will spoilt and such issue will spread over to others. Because the restructuring scheme had involved so many relative.

Now, her husband just ask Why you wanna leaving? She answer is simple. I wanna to keep my life in enjoy mood. Who care about others? As long I am human being, everyone should support me. This is democratic and government should do something about that

A person who have enjoy so many year, hardly to ask them come back to work. Government should think about a way. Who ever hard working in their life should get more benefit than others? Like who has pay taxation should enjoy better scheme of medical services.

Those work in their whole life and enjoy the lower scheme salary also entitle such benefit. Who ever work less than 30 years in their life should pay some fees to enjoy the facilities. This is fair to everyone.

Like some of my friends, They are hard working but never ever use the air port. Why should they contribute such to others? Why can't government looking at such issue to rectify more tax on those people? So, the big air port benefit to part of riches man only or maybe for politician and high range government servant. Some others own few shop lot in hand but they are never pay a single tax to government. Why Like that?

In the unbalance policy, people will demand more and more from government. I do believe if tax department set a counter at airport, the taxation revenue will double from now. Why they never do that? We encourage people relax but should not allow some people enjoy privilege like that. So, if the taxation effectively, the balance of resources become fair but in the first place it should imposed on all government servant as well as politician first to set it as precedent and example..

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