Saturday, June 9, 2012


Not stupid because you have buy an unique number for your car. Not stupid because you are well know 2,700 people loss job because of Olympus bankrupt. So, why need to spend so much time published the number plate have been earn about 10 million, why wanna to spend time to explain. Because initially they thought the game rule control by them. Actually that is not.....

This way of tender should not encourage anymore. Every one will own a number when he is die. Nothing to worry about it. Definitely you have one number for you. If such number can trade it. So, one day I also wanna to sell my Identical number or maybe a new born kid need to tender a new number.

So, rich people just said he can paid about 23,000 to buy a number. So one day if you carry a number with 15, he will tell you:- do not take away my grandpa number. I wanna to keep it and i have got such right to own it because I am minister.

Now, do not wait, Just check it out whether you IC number got 15 or not. Maybe someone wanna to call you grandpa........... Is it stupid?

Monday I should search stock code with 15 or not, Maybe It can limit up............. Not stupid but fool only>>>>>>>>>

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