Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why we need more money for circulation?

Yesterday, I had claimed some one enjoying the funds support by government. Also mentioned the circulation of economic affected. So how to improve the circulation?
I am try hard buy some stock to earn extra because the employment income is restricted. Some more, tax on my income and use it to support those enjoying the big funds for buying luxury car and condo. I feel bad and so desperate. Why I am treated like that? So, when I am hear some explanation from those who have benefit said they are not wrong. I was damp angry.
Because in the first place, I think I can manipulate the said funds better than them. Although I am not that good but I should at least help the money circular into share market. That will bring more benefit than those people said they are knowing to invest into house, land & Condo and luxury car. I do know why I can't even tell bank/finance institution to loan such amount if I use the same proposal like them. I think bank will tell me off and kick me out from the bank. 
If there is a good project, how come no other specialist into the company? How come a family all inside one company as employee?
Let us analysis and base on current share market sentiment, I should invest into shares to get higher return and most probably can acquire a company and so be a CEO of the company. Maybe that time I can employ more professional and pay them high income to help up our economic.
When certain resources has been blocked by someone and manipulated by one family. The circulation become low density. The lower activities create someone rich and not population riches. So, why we wanna to block it? Why we want fair and equal? That's a reason why we need more money in the society rather than only keeping into a family.
As a government, not only face crisis and then print money for circulation. They should able know they can base on necessary basic rectify certain unfair circulation and so that can help everyone in the country eligible enjoy the benefit and allow proper circulation to ensure everyone full stomach with hard working.. 

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