Monday, August 31, 2009

等价交易 Equivalent Deal/Transactions


When you are buying a stock at a price, Do you think is Equivalent Deal? Exactly is correct. Otherwise you won't taken out your hard money purchase it. The Equivalent Deal based on your mind to decide it. Not market price. If you refuse to purchase a stock at that price. Is there the said price not equivalent with its fair value. Absolutely not.

So, what is the equivalent price or fair value in the shares market? For me that is impossible task and hard to identify. Future results in the company will tell you. Who is right! Who is wrong!

Recently, Party MCA internal problem started from some one required a fair treatment. Some outsider further claimed that some one took his money. That is funny.

In this incident, I felt uncomfortable. Because everyday I had received a payment of wages from my employer, If one day employer claimed me back the money. How am I going to refund? Also worry some people need claimed back my coffee money because NNNN years his had bought me a free drink. How can I remember that? Funny!!!!

So, equity market trading on such way. That is so many people will claiming back the money from someone. Is there fair?????

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