Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speculating is not good

As a speculator, do not brings any value to social. I am just press some button or through telephone do the trading. Similar like Goldman Sach using a high intensive computer to generate the income. But I am better than them because I never misuse my power to trade. I am standing the same position with others investors. We use the same instrument to trade and I also never obtain any internal news to trade.
Speculating bring me happy and joyful because I am using my own skill to trade. I have never like a robbery carry a weapon and force people sell or buy to me. Investment Bank or Funds carry a big equipment and use it monopoly some source. It does not bring any good effect and more unfair treatment in the social.
So, some people hate me be a speculator. I am suggesting they are should use their free time critizied the big funder.

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