Friday, August 21, 2009

Giving a Kiss or Click?

Although my blog have regular readers support, but the earning from ads is little. Why? Because they visit based on fun and obtained some experience then go home. Like equityman said"-
Just allow someone enjoy the benefit but creator just crying!"

By the way, I am poor enough but never please everyone must help click on ads to earn money. Just wondering why we should allow someone control our life although the copyright is belonging to you.

I am feel sad, so that day i wrote a note at my chatbox to highlight it. Finally I saw one or two reader 100% support and click on ADS. At least I have some support. Feel Happy and proud.

The opening on US DJ still positive if it is continue close at higher. Someone who bought in today morning at KLSE will happy and good sleep at tonight. By the way, that day a investor ask me why market must have an adjustment? So, my answer is " Do you think which counter's price at KLSE equity market standing at reasonable price?"

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