Friday, August 28, 2009

Mislead Data

The financial report for member of FbmklCI most of them registered positive. When compared with previous the profit decreased above 50%. It was an impact from last year financial crisis. The recovery yet to come back and will continues affected the turnover and profit in the coming financial year ended.

Well performing at equity market did not reflected the fact. Investors claimed that equity market is ahead about 6 months from that. Hence, they bought in and waits for the recovery. The simply projection and calculation giving them have such confident and support market at this level. Finally, spread over the buying interest on those inactive counter.

Yesterday, most of the equity market registered negative. But DJ closed at positive. Is it US economic better than others? Is it any good news has derived from US? When you are in the market and trading started from last year, you will found your are now standing at lower ground of the stage.

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