Monday, August 24, 2009

Dubai Equity Market

In my knowledge, there is surprising Dubai have a equity market at there. Actually due to lack promotion, I have believed most of people also did not aware that. So, I am also in doubt. What is the industrial will listed in there.

Is it Fly Emirate company listed at there? I do not have such information. From newspaper, I am well know there own high class hotel and maybe need a lot of money to stay there one night. They also recruit a lot of skill man and professional man working there. How much the lowest salary per month?

I cant even have any answer. Because if i could not well know about KLSE equity market, How could I well know others? So, Investors do not think they have ability on equity market. They maybe only well know certain trading skill. But there is not enough for you to face the others market.

So, in the event of won on one counter by one strategy do not means that you can apply it on the difference counter. Like recently Samchen given a good profit on first day listing but Msport did not gave you same profit as well.

At last, thanks to those help me click click on ads. But today the click click was negative. How come??????

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sbjco said...

Your English is ..... attrocious