Monday, August 3, 2009

KLSE Market adjustment

Is it a short or heavy adjustment in KLSE equity market? It does not know but every adjustment is good because it will brings you invest in reasonable value. People are worries on adjustment. This type of investors have limited view on investment. He/she do not know what is the basic/theory of demand and supply.
In the month of june 09, I have been accumulated a big lose. I have been stop speculating about one month and waiting some one who interested join me to fight again in the coming rally. My target is little, earn about 6 to 13% per annum. That is enough.
Market cash flow soon transfer to invest soccer and sport. Because it is giving a minimise risk on it, especially those dirty/black money. It is give them easy to manipulate the funds become better status. They won't choose high risk game.
Quit it now and waits for the chance to jump in again. It would not brought you more worries like last year but uncertain move in the market will bring you fears.

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