Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reporter View

Now, reporter start join up together giving the negative point on equity market. They are putting their attention on natural commodities. So, is it time to run?

As far as I have never step in, I do not bother what is their opinion? I am waiting my odd coming out only step in. Maybe its need about half year. But I do not care about it.

Of course, speculating aim for high revenue but its hard to estimate the return. Unless there is a few hundred thousand to manipulate. Maybe the income will be more steady.

Sometime no income at every day may bring my emotion bad and frustration. Its a good lesson in the life.A lot of good writter informed you, please select a good and fundamental stock and hold. Friendly speaking, after 1997 crisis in asia, I am no longer hold shares more than a month. I do believe my life is shorter than atmosphere.

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