Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am aware a lot of reader complaint on my poor English. Actually I do 100% agree with them. I am good in calculation but lack on writing. I was a bad student in the English class. Those day, when English lecturer step in to class, there is my time to left immediately. Because she had complaint I am disturbing others concentrate to study.

Due to the above, I can even use English as my primary language in my life.I am still remember in the classroom I have been classified as bad student, most of my classmate all have good background. I cant even join them for any entertainment. Actually I am lonely in the class. I do believed i have discrimination by some teachers. But there is life. I cant stop any one hate me.

So, if someone do not understand my word at here. I am feel sorry.

KLSE equity market registered negative because most of the player feel uncomfortable. Because most of stocks performing one day rally and on the next day, 95% gone back to origin. Confident spoilt and volume continues recorded lower.


Unknown said...


i'm one of your blog follower ..
i do notice the poor engrish..

but hey..,
what matter most is the content..
i don't you write like a pasar chinaman.. as long as your message get through..

yes.. there are other better blog.. that boast they have better england that your's.. but who cares. :)..

what matter most is - you keep writing..
don't let the constraint of grammar.. spelling.. bothers you.

er.. for spelling you can use the spell-checker. but for grammar.. don't worry lah.. I can still understand your engrish.. :)

we're malaysian what.. :)

at least our engrish is not as bad as singlish..

so my message to you - keep writing..! it's better to have your blog regularly updated .. even with some mistakes here and there.. rather than having fewer update.. in order to check all the spelling and grammar correct.

along the way.. you will improve.

trust me.


GuooJiin said...

Agree, as long as ppl can understand..:D