Monday, August 10, 2009


Some investors may think axiata recently broke RM3.00 can move further. Hence, they quickly buy in Axiata-CC at today price. But they forget the excersive price is 2.75 + 5 CC. If you buy in at 20 cents means you must wait the said share reach 3.75 only can give me back you return. That is totally difference with Axiata-CB.

Usually the excersive price close to current price plus ratio is high. The said CC or others not worth to invest for long term. If base on calculation, cc should stand at 5 cents base on Axiata price at 3.00.

Speculating way is wrong and its bring you uncertain and standing at lonely island. I am speculators but wont use this tactic to earn money.

KLSE equity index broke 1185 today. It is a good signal for further buy but you must take high risk on that level. I am preferring stay away since I was miss the boat at 1100 points.

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