Saturday, August 15, 2009

High to Low, Low to High

When a day, you can buy in a share and found that price from lower price up to higher price. You are happy and joyful. On the other hand, if you realised the buying price at high and closed at low. you are upset and worry.

Sometime, I am also think to apply my own skill on shares to be a bookie. Like magnum bookie or soccer bookie. That are illegal. But the funds are daily collection.

Be a small fly, hard to convince people investing on your skill. The rich people pressing you until your are die. So, as far as you are suffering, one day they become a superhero and provide you a little money to you and work for them forever.

This is materialistic social and world. So, citibank and BOA forever wont fall down as well as Maybank also be the same. They are also enjoying the funds allocated from government. As an ordinary people, if you need little bit help, you must please more than 15 department. And final result is still the same.

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