Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wrong Prediction

A good week in the equity market for entire world. My data gave me a wrong direction. Is it my data wrong. No, that is not. That is because I am wrong analysis on that. However, it does not brings me lose money because I am away about 3 days.

In the last 3 days, I am stayed inside the jungle. Everything are natural. I could not have any contact with outside. So, tonight just arrived town central and known what is happening at world.

In these days, I learn something about meaning of life. Although without any equipment or instrument for me to make money. But actually if you just need to survive, the basic thing is enough. That is food and water.

Money can brings me better life but without it I am still survive. Now I am starting think about my retirement life. A wrong prediction on last week make me sad. But I am still alive. Play game in equity world is like that, you are always in the wrong and most of the people correct.

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