Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lose my job

Soon, I must left my employment company. I have been working there 17 years. It can said all my working history and experience been recorded at there. Based on my age, its hard to be same wages and power in the new company. My personal attitude also bad and stubborn. It further reduce my chance to get a new job.

Actually think to be a full time writer at here. But ads income earn here not enough me buy a bread for day. Want to be a full time investors in the equity market but i have no capital.

Me like a old age corporation listed at equity market. Has step into bottle neck. Turnover been achieve but heavy cost attached it together. So, the final result is negative profit. KLCI turn into the stage must clear some inactive stock to attract more investors.

I am hoping KLCI succeed to achieve from quantity to quality. Not like me, be a rubbish in social and sleep at home hoping for help.

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sbjco said...

Don't be stubborn and improve your English