Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower on the Tree

The flowers on the tree shown that it required a bird to help me transfer its seed to other location. It has own intention and use flowers to attract someone to help him.

Like me, keep on talking about equity investment at here, my objective is one day someone support my idea and throw some money for me. So, after three day adjustment on the KLSE market. Today giving some positive figure to investors. What is the objective?

Is it need more funds? Is it want to inform some one do not simply sell off the holdings? Is it a good rally going to start again?

The fact will show on but if you can read it faster than people. You are the winner. In US have a lot of genius to have such skill. They are aim on some company has potential on certain industrial. So, they step in acquire the controlling stake of the company and manipulate/repackaging the value assets and sell it at better price.

Buying share is buying the company potential. Speculating in share market is spot on the price. That is a difference method and difference valuation.

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