Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Bad indicator

Asia Pacific equity market bad openning with negative index soon will arrival KLSE equity market. Investors in the market still happy on KLSE equity because the positive signal on index. KLSE equity market yesterday was hit higher above 1180, and today again hit above the level. It has registered a double top on the higher. Soon you can see the adjustment from that.

If afternoon KLSE equity market can not reach higher than now. It will faced heavy adjustment about 20%. So, if you are a weak holder please adjust the investment portfolio immediately. It will safeguard you capital.

KLSE equity market had kick out a lot of small speculators. The remaining holders mostly are Fund Manager. The fund manager throw shares like throw water, they not even care about the price.

Bad factors going to join up again and this round need 3 months to recover back the losses.

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