Saturday, August 22, 2009

US DJ Soars

US DJ jump more than 150points bring it touched 9500 points. Mainly due to finance stocks closed at high price US. Some how, a bad thing is some one continue said US dollar going to devalue in the coming day. It was bring Asia Pacific start worries the revenue of the company will registered low in the coming season.

Equity market must accumulated funds to registered higher, if the flow of funds divert to some where. The equity price may not have any support. So, what is the next move in Asia?

There is a news need to inform reader, After yesterday highlighted at here, the readers prefer to click on ads rather than giving me a kiss. That is funny. By the way, thanks a lot to those who appreciated my effort. I am continue happy if they frequently use the ads at here to upgrade themselve as well as obtained some information.

Actually, I have missed out a important news to publish at here. On Wednesday, there is a email from K&N securities informed me about Jetson. I am busy and forgot to highlight the shares at here. I am feel bad, after seeing the price shut up so high.

Important things for investors must faced impact on shares price on high beta and high volume shares. Its will continue another month. So, I am preferring stay away.

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