Sunday, August 23, 2009

Financial Data

Hard to identified such finance data provide a real information for analyst. Like GDP, how many country really study per person can deliver the income for individual? How many can well know about their productivity? There is no real answer for authority to deliver to public.

The financial crisis happen because group of people assuming individual can help to maintain the assets at well status. Hence, the price wont drop and continue enhance the value from time to time. They like to use current data to predict human behaviour. The two difference element how to join up together is important. Therefore, next decade the economic word should erase and human behaviour will play a important role on it. Maybe a new "Word" will identify it better.

Basically human do not need such giant economic, because daily need for human is simple, ie Food, air and water. More thing brings essential and moral of human be complex. Of course, like me hard to ignore equity investment and continue speculating. So, studying on financial data and collecting real financial data is important.

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