Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trust me but don't hate me

When I had predicted the market movement/trend, it was an appreciation keep on awarded. But if one time i am failed it, some word express out from others people mouth bring hurt.

Equity market can delivery happy and unestimated huge gain. On the other hand, its also bring your wealth registered zero. Manipulate the trend of market is not my profession, I am good in speculating only.

Speculating brings me happy I am still alive in this world. Speculating let me aware I am still is one of the member in this world. Speculating bring my wealth and earning power become uncertain. I am not like a farmer. plant a tree and wait for the return in 3 years. I am aware life is shorten, if I have no chance to record something in my life I will be forever regretted.

Trust me or hate me become secondary meaning in my life or matbe that is not important at all. Just wanna to share an opinion with people on the trend of equity market. Predict market in August facing a negative move. Hope I am wrong, so investors still can make some money.

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