Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad open at US DJ

Now, Malaysia share firm offering on line trading for international market. Actually at present movement, local investors are not encourage to go oversea. Because the world equity market performance totally difference with Malaysia. Our equity transaction totally manipulate by local funds. Like our ASB can continue pay almost 20% dividend per annum. I am believe that is impossible task in equity market. Please do not forget, year 1987, year 1997 and 2008. Equity market faced big adjustment. Where is the gain from?????? Is it our local funds work/operate like pyramid direct selling? This is sensitive topic in the Malaysia. No one dare to highlight it.

So, If you are use this theory to buy oversea funds or shares. You must fully understand you are not protected at all. You must face all the changes on you own.

Like today, In the US DJ open bad or continue bad in the coming. What are you going to plan your investment? Is it buy in? Is it wont lose in exchange rate? Or, if you are reliase your profit. Is it enough to cover you lose on currency?

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