Monday, August 17, 2009

My prediction is correct?

I am still remember last 15days ago, I have been started commented market must faced an adjustment only can attract me jump in. But today i have not intention jump in to market. Because: -
1) The bad have just started
2) The price is not attractive
3) This round may worst than previous.

A lot of economist had a own report and classified it the run will fall under "L", "W" or "v" style. Why can not be "O" or "x" style. Why economic must listen to them? If everything like what they been said. Last year financial crisis would not happen.

The same group of people sit inside the office and imagine what will happen. Are they knowing how many people can afford the food? Are they knowing someone earn lower than normal life level? They just use equity market data and GDP calculated the figure. Actually, they do not know what is the feeling when the stomach is empty.

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Count Kevin said...

I like the last paragraph of this posting :)