Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why market like that? Just imagine if one of your friend today treated you well but tomorrow showing you a black face. Do you want be friend with him?

Just imagine, you investment game rule previously and now totally difference. Do you be brave and aggressive to invest it more? Similar everyday your are step in to same place but most of the people you have meet is stranger, Are you dare to talk much?

Recently, KLSE changed the game rule(tick size) and merge the second board with main board. On the same time, 100 index link stocks reduce to 30 only. Are you feel comfortable?

Market need some time to absorb the new things. Usually there must have an adjustment on it. If it continue manage and support by same group of people. One day the burble will burst. Hopefully the said group have enough funds to monitor it, otherwise the adjustment must be heavy and unpredictable.

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