Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Day for speculating

Recently a lot of penny stocks hit the higher in a day. It was perform wild in a day and consecutive day disapper. Like LCL, Hexza and Hovid. It is a bad sign for you to speculate in the market.
You are unlikely registered a good profit because you would bought in the high price. However, it is given a good income to broker, because if you are no realise your profit in a day. Tomorrow you may face badly hit.
US DJ currently given a bad signal, drop 3 days and up one days. Now, if you want to see heavy adjustment, that is in the next corner. By the way, if there is an adjustment, please stay away first because most of the shares had registered unreasonable price in the market. At what level buy in also brings more uncertain. Please do not against the market trend.

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