Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Notwithstanding i am a speculator, as at today i am lucky on never mislead any person bought in a stock with 25% lose on its capital. Speculator has such luck because my holding power limited and weak.

In my trading history, 1997 was my bad dream. My assets all burn within 24 hours. There is a disaster in my life. But I am still alive.

Those people who suffer on natural disaster, their life gone easily. Compared me with them I am lucky enough. Maybe my assignment haven't complete, the task/project need me finalise it. Asia Pacific did not follow Euro and US equity market registered positive with consecutive day. Is there a signal of heavy adjustment will coming soon?

That is dangerous because 2 days positive in a week means the heavy adjustment is hidden behind. When you are aware, that is too late.

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