Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who hold responsible?

Financial crisis happen in past 2 years ago. Most of the government started some preventive policy to ensure future risk. But they have forget about those valuation corporation's mistake. If S & P never graded those bond as top level. It hard to be happen. Why such responsible been escape?

SC of USA should indicated which bonds graded by them was wrong. Those funds should charged them to recover some losess. Maybe the major sharesholder had overcome such problems and SC of USA pretended or maybe hard to disturb the rich man. USA take action on it will spoilt the image of capitalisation central in the world and indirectly tell entire world they are monopoly.

In the criminal act, one provision said that "if your had killed someone by way of received an instruction. The instructer also bear the same charged on murder."

On the those CDO and CDM issued by USA bank. Who gave them a green light to sell? Who guidance Greece used such technical to covered up loan? Why existing loan no repayment in time can be roll over?

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