Wednesday, June 9, 2010

White Nut Business (Kacang Puteh)

In Malaysia, there was a businees called kacang puteh. The nut been boiled at wok and sell at 10 or 20 cents. Last time when we went to cinema watched movie. There was ours tippes. So that, if your are a business man usually introduced own business to friends always said that is Kacang puteh business, means small business or small marginal profit business.

Before the Peanut business one day be growth it to big business or before it has been listed at Public. So, in order to avoid people attention and share the profit from same business, business man always keep low profile on it.

Shares Investment is not peanut business. Based on the fees incurred, the capital in hand and knowledge you should have it. 100% or 1000 times higher than peanut business. Now if you wants to join peanut business also difficult because the high demand of commodities brings commodities future market more attractive than shares. if reger that, you can see Coco's price recently been shut up 300% is a good example.

So, where to find a small or peanut business to start your dreams. That is difficult. Now, your only can sell innoviative or ideal design to bring some attention. Otherwise, cost of maintain already can kill you before your dreams come true.

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