Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Attitude

I owned a very bad attitude, It was always followed me. Criticise people or matters do not care the current situation as well as do not care about own future. Like those day, I am using apply some jobs. In there, viewed some good post offered by Bursa. Of course, that give me chance to learn more about capitalised market development in Malaysia. On the same time, I had wrote some motes at here criticised Bursa did some mistake on Kenmark. The stupid attitude of me, maybe kill me to have any chance of interview.

Charactere/behaviour of one person always affected individual on investments. Some people gritty on high profit margin and some people like to earn fast money. Everyone should well know about his own ability to adjust it, otherwise this will brings bad impact on your normal life.

Like buy magnum or 4d number, if you spend all in money on one draw and finally the result does not suit yours number. You may suffer in your daily life requirements.

This day busy on apply jobs because my pocket is empty. Bad luck is until now, those employer did not interested to employ me. Maybe I am not Hamsun. Lucky still have some support from friends. They are appreciated my previous helpful on them. So, normal life still can survive. But I think they can't support me forever because they also hae limited sources in hand.

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