Thursday, July 1, 2010


A lot of analaysis would like to classified some days, specific months as a bad trading day. I do not like use such theory to identify the trend. If you believed that, I think your lifestyle and daily necessity things all must be branded products. Otherwise you are feeling not comfortable in yours normal life. But such people carrying such burden will feel unsatisfactory all the times.

Every investment, I am just worry the shares price does not move. Up or down never mind, at least telling me it is stil active.

A rapid changes of technology, brings impossible become possible. So if your always set a trap in front of you. You can't move and enjoy the trading. Particuar on certain day not good or not bad, brings you hard to move and think positively on every transaction.

So, please do not apply traditional as excuse to block you mind. Can refer but do not apply on it while your are in the stage of playing a game.

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