Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sell , Sell and Sell

Sell products easy but select a good prduct is hard. Bursa Malaysia finally had obtained some support from MSWG to clarify they did well in Kenmark case. I have never claimed they are not doing well on imposed the act but felt disappointed they always late apply such rule to maintain fair trading.

In this case , reporter said these company with in hand cash about 2miilion but also have outstanding loan registered at about 100 milion and media report also highlighted they have never short paid any bills and been paid the debt in time. Why EON bank have such right to take over the management? Who did wrong on this case? Why employee cannot continue the operation in their duties? Is it someone use this as an execuse to take the big benefit from these transaction by way of spreading such bad rumous?

So, in order have some clear and fair identify report on the above issue. WhyBursa never stop the trading of shares immediately and rejected someone obviously step in to interven? Why allowed the shares price shut down to 6 cents and up 400% in one and half days with big transactions. Who should hold such responsible on those people been force selling by margin call?

I am believe it is a dangerous game in shares investment. and whoever buy stocks should bear own risk. But, If someone use the bankers' loans to manipulated Kenmark's shares price with the same banker who was did forced selling to others customers. Why they are not giving a chance to existing shareholders to buy more to average down the shares price? Why must give to someone who is new holders in these company? Is it someonehave more power and status than others. So, all these query depend by Bursa and SC to clarify it. Ordinary people not right and no way to obtain such information. MACC should open a file to investigate these case to maintain the fair trading in bursa.

Now, subsidy issue be hot topic in Malaysia. Some commentted still need such support and some said should delete it. Actually recall back some history in others country. A leaders said, "if most of the benefit only go to specific someone to enjoy it, I have rather do not wants to impose it or cancel it. That is a indirect way to ignore corruption."
I do agree that. Because if one government collect the tax and won't benefit to population for developing the country, It is better cancel it. If most of the population cannot enjoy fairly on the subsidy scheme, it is better do not impose it.

As we aware, most of the susidy benefit been go to specific one . We as an ordinary people always hear and see from media only, we have never 100% tated it in our life. Why we want to support have such subsidy in our society? Similar like a cup of tea, business man used subsidy support to lower down the cost of sale but ours must use market value to purchase it. It was created multi gain to businessman. So, if sugar one kg up 10cents, a cup of tea also up 10cents. What is ours benefits??? That is zero and never enjoy it at all.

So, whoever critizies the license for controlling items actually should asked himself. Is he been enjoy big profit by others way? If not, Why he is now cornerring ordinary population to fight with minister with puprosely make sugar supply in shortage. That is totally unfair to us.