Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lose Controlling

Some one fears lose control on one company. So, he need to purchase back all the shares from forced selling by bankers. The fluatuation on the shares price bring more chance for speculating. But always remember that is a game for hit and run. Not hold for few weeks or few months.

Speculating should have substancial reason on certain topic or stories to support. Otherwise it can be turn down fast and authorities will step in for trading. It will brings you pay unnecessary cost on that.

Also remember, that company not belongs to you as far as it has been listed in public. Although your are controlled it on this time. One day its should be control by someone else. Enjoy the game and taste the sweet in time before you missed it or lose it.

Today read nanyang press, a financial planner was wrote a article to talk about poor or not enough money to spend. Now days, insurance broker named it as financial planner, they could tell you should plan ahead your money when you was young. But, most of them has been created a better prospects on your life. Everyone life carry on the difference journey, why we want to force someone to follow. That is not life, that is systematic or automachine.

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