Sunday, June 13, 2010


NEM- New Ecocomic Module. It was proposed by government before the announcement of Tenth Malasysia Project. If both are the same idea. Today, we can noot see 10th Malasysia Project announced by Government on last week. That was mislead you have a dream but covered up by others policies. It was showed Politician ideas do not execute it or support by government servants. You can have yours own idea but my execution is important than everything. Those people indirect tell you" If you are wants me carry on the jobs. Please follow my guidance"

Malaysian aim for better prospect eventually burst it in last week. 5 years one projects. 10 projects need 50 years. 50 years must donate 30% to someone. That is equivalent to 1500%. Just ask everyone of you, can your can multiple your assets in 50 years at 1500%?

10th Malaysia Project is continues inform and remind you. "We do not have 30% although past 50years you have delivered so much. So, please continue support me and feed me anothers 5 years more. "

So, subsidy being cut off is a new trend and we can't escape it. Economic growing up need all nationality cooperate together. If one team of manpower with 30% of people do not need to work and compulsory paying them salary and bonus. That will pull back all effort spended. Finally, Government needs double up to print more loan/bond to support new projects as well as to support the old overdue bond's interest. We can't redeem it when due date is coming. They need to Roll over again the loan to beautify the bad status. So, one day we must face our currency devalue again in the international market.

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