Monday, June 28, 2010

New Blood

Few interview could not success. Feel disappointed and now think to borrow some money for daily expenses. How to use some excuse to borrow some money??? A funny thingy was yesterday someone called me ask me lend him some money. Six months no work, no one care about you but when thier need money times only can remember me. Funny!!!!!!!!!!

So far, new blood and youngers demanded in market. Boss look at my age, first impression is This man hard to control. In the shares investment, old bord better than new blood because the previous result and turnover give investors more confident on that company.

So, be a human being you are better be young. Be a thing you can be old and stable. So, if 3 years ago, you told someone lehman brother going to bankrupt soon. You might get blame and hate.

So, i have been classified that IPO is new blood. Right issue is old bird.

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