Thursday, June 17, 2010

GOOD AcTion Taken BY Bursa & SC

Eventually, Bursa and SC had took action to look after the balance of trading in KLSE. Not success yet but preventing some steal out some funds and transfer to oversea. In Kenmark case, obviously some one loss control of forced sell by bankers trying to grab some money for own use. They are tried hard to earn it for maintain their own assets in hand. Not responsible to public.

I am here not to tell businessman can't earn money but since your are selected public shareholders joining you together. at least you should have little bit responsible. I am also not claimed that every business must success. But at least dare to take it and meet it.

I was involved a business in the past ten years ao. That's a good lesson to me. Finally, my partner play me out and joined someone corner me in bad situaation. But I have to feced it and settle it. At lease I won't corn anybody money with done the bad transaction. All losses being recorded in book.

Shares investment holder should understood one theory. People hard in his life built up his business. When he has plan to offer out some stake to public. Of course, that is not 100% gain business. Some advantages being took off by major shareholders. But at lease do not misued the funds collected from public. Loss business in the unforseen circumatantes is normal, that is your risk and major shareholders should dare to share this kind of risk together.

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