Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Borrowing money

I had a bad experience on borrowing. Either lend out or lend in. A lot of people claimed that gambling brought the loan shark into the picture. Why we got loan shark? If there is a case, why our authority never take action. Like today, police enforcement can well know about your transaction in bank with won some money from shares investment. Why they are not capable to attract the same info from bank?

I am believed in the record of transaction, they easily capture such evident to charge them. If we compared with those years, most of the transacion by oral basic. That was hard to be.

Some one told me, gamble can created a lot of illegal activities. Due to that, we should ban it. If one day one fellow buy shares used loan shark money. can we base on this to prevent shares investment? If one day loan shark think to lend you some money to purchase shares, I think you will accept it immediately especially that time your are faced a big loss on big adjustment.

Shares Investment brings benefit as well as also can bring some negative issue. Depend on individual how to adjust it and most important is the attitute on approaching the lose and gain. Similar some one have some stupid idea to play a game, he should not pull gang of people join him because that is out of control.

That's the reason Why last week I was so angry on Bursa and SC approachment on Kenmark issue? Because they were never took some action to prevent someone grab the big money on that. When the company was broke, the trading of shares became unfair to ordinary people and it was brought certain advantages to whoever have inside info, it was brings him standing ahead to control the trading.

This case told me, I am very busy body to interrup some one steal money from public without using a knife. But if I didn't made a warning on that, I think i might feel guilty forever.

Bad thing on me is , pocket money left few hundred only and on this point of time, I have still success gain any new offer to work. BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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