Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Down Trend?

Malaysia share market seems to be reach double top resistance. It could happen anytime on this month. If there is a case. Market index will fall down deeply.

World economic looking a new trend and those government mislead by in hand data. So, China based on that adjusted its RMB policy. Is it a right decision?

Some people thought shares should rebound soon after the world cup festival. That is not a good move because fundamental been affected by difference government policy with difference ideas.

After the world cup over, those Euro countries must come to facts and solve the loan problem again with limited bullet in hands. Economic and attitude of population still depend on government policy to support them with luxury life. If there is continuous, structure of democratic policy will go to end and finally country will control by army force again. The food and resources need to distribution by way of military requirement.

No short trading period of shares can be highlighted for contra game. I hope I am wrong with own thought but really hope have some new ideas to help our world continues peaceful.

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