Monday, June 7, 2010

Rig and Tumultuous

Share market be tumultuous started in May this year. Becuase during a past 10years, most of the countries government tried hard satisfy own nation by way of over spending. When your earning 2k per months, and your spending or payment per month more than that. One day you may suffer. Now most of teenage leaving from school, first step is buy a new car. He calculated every month instalment about 500 should be able to cover up by his monthly salary. But forgetten take maintenance and others expenses into the budget. Like petrol, breakdown cost, parking and insurance.

On the same time, he asked about 9 years instalment scheme. He also forget his may retrench by company during his employment. So, bind it first as life expenses without any future consideration. Some more Government encourage them spend ahead by way of various type of subsidy. Thus, eventually or maybe one day they suffer by lose in career bring together with high debts. That is nothing to worry because in hand vote be a bargin power to threathen government and claimed support him in such normal life is duty of government Actualy, that is not normal life when your are born and that is not normal in life's entitlement I have named it that is luxury.

On these, maybe someone claimed me "outdate". But friendly speaking, under my past 20 years working experience in high post, I have never use any car to buy/earn any respect from staffs and management. I am still can handler all company affairs in proper way. So, My vehicle is motor bike, because I am not over paid by my employment. Although I am not rich but my stomach always full in time in my life.

What is poor? In my unstanding on that, "Poor means that you have only enough money to purchase a food for lunch but no more balance for coming dinner, and not capable to earn for that, that is poor." Poor is not equal to you can't buy IPAD, IPHONE or Mobile Phone. But most of the young teenages said that is necessary.and classify it "I am POOR". Without mobile phone in hand means lose his/her's life. Without car tell you I can't survive. Is that poor????

When the wrong interpretion on that, desire rig your minds and tell your step to died corner. So, every insufficient supply to yours needs created tumultuous. So that shares market be tumultuous faster than your minds. Because your needs being controlling you in time. Easy influnce by small matter with small issue.

When your are doing a survey on the road, you could found that more than 50% driver income below 2k. After minus the normal life requirement, they have zero balance in hand. So, are they qualify be a owner of car? So, individual problem suddenly group up together as social problem. Finally, they easily influnce by cutting any subsidy from government althought cutting is necessary.

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