Sunday, June 6, 2010


Recently, PPB Group been sold out the sugar business because they are knowing this business hard to expanded due to attached with population daily needs. The income was restricted increase promptly due to social pressure. That is good move and good decision.

I do agreed that Minister applying the license on that. We seems to be must have license to drive a car. It is helping us know better where the subsidy scheme more transparent on that.

So far, this license is need to apply once in yours life time. Why so many business refuse to accept it? Did them have any behind agenda we do not aware?

Maybe they are helping population to obtain the sugar easily? But today the department been sold at public and seems like did not shown any short of demand on that. Why ??????

In the share investment, this brings another impact on that. If basic life created more problem by politician show or politician agenda or maybe a group of people self desire. So, the confident to purchase on shares will lose. The power of spending will lose. The time consuming to buy daily necessity will increase.

So, the external issue plus internal issue bring market uncertain. Especially recently the big trust funds being launch and the capital should looking a place to park on that. So, why the capital of trust funds go????

One of the country, if you bought their government unit trusts. You are always tasting a good return. Because if you are referring past performance of them, there all registered profit and gain. Not even or ever lose in the past 20 years. That is funny and incredible good results. Although in year 1997 and 1998, they still can made money. If I am not mistaken, That is derived from way of subsidy. That have been ignored MASB rules as well as totally against the FRS139. They also never refer made any specific provision or public ruling to adopt the annual accounts. But if you are asking them to make a declaration on investment portfolio, you can easily found that in the list of investments of them, some company been misplaced in the past 10 years. How can they turn it to profit? That have easy way to cover it up, just stamp a word on that as" Confidential or Government Confidential Document". So, in the life you and me should pretend as "You are not allow to know, Your are not allow to discuss and also cannot be tell our are well know."

Some more most of the rich population not interested on that, because they have been enjoy such benefits. That is a theory of them more money made more more money. They further claimed that your are jealous and asked you "Why we should stop that good subsidy or good return?". Finally you be like a busy body on that issue because your are stopping people earn big money.

But they are not aware that is your grandfathers' assets but delivering to you annually by cutting as small piece. Big piece have been go to specific one and your are only getting some balance of that.

So that, I have a dream. Please them be my master to guide me buy shares. I do not mind pay the higher fees on that. So, I also can open a trust funds and tell them I can average paid out the dividend more than 20% per annum to the holders.

If shares market always have such people inside to trade. That is not easy for you to well know the country's economic real situation. Because everything been covered up by few hands in one time.

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