Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Distribution of Nation Assets

A man who lead a party, tell Malaysia' nation, they should eligible to 67% assets based on the percentage of total population. I do agree that but should they agree that there is once in his life time and there is end and final payment. If they want take it away 67% of Assets. So that the liabilities of 362 billion, they also bear it as same as 67% on it. on these solution, I am beleive everyone will happy give them such percentage. Maybe more also can be done.

Actually people who capable is scare to deliver such plan "distribution of assets." to someone grity and useless. People scare those incaple people continously unlimited demand on it. if there is one in our life time only. Most of the people happy on such plan. That stupid policy been cheated us more than 20years. Today tell you a project is 5 years to entitle 30%. Tomorrow tell you and me, another 20 years to go. No one wants to carry such responsible on his life time.

Like your grandfather already given you his assets to you when he was pass away. There is no more ssecond chance. They have a atttude is, "Every time he has spended all the money. He should eligible come back again and demand it again on the smae percentage". So that no one will happy. In this world, 67% plus 67% is more than 100. So that the extra difference from where to get it for them???? It can not be happen also is impossible.

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