Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kick Off

Most of the analysis emphamsised on currency rate to replan your invstments portfolio. Currency war coming soon be a main role in every sector of the economic. No matter how strong the company, it should be able to sell its products in to entire world. Global demand affeted one company revenue and monopoly status. Competitors hard to compete if one company had achieved global status.

Kick off means starting a game, kick you off means kick you out of the game. Am I right? So, do investment must well know all currency movement in the world. Why Japan Yen move up, shares price drop? Why Malaysia riggit up, shares price up? These all question must have good reasons support only can allow you plan your next step of yours investment?

Shares Investment needs a lot of general knowledge to support your further action. Speculating shares price need 10 times of the general knowledge to hit and run. Are your ready on it?

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