Tuesday, June 22, 2010

North Korea and China

In Malaysia, politician busy on topic of less than 2000 from 48(1) act. Yesterday, Chin and North Korea been brought entire attention on their countries. North Korea created a loss 7 ball to Portugal in World Cup and China started allow RMP move. These 2 action totally impact the sport and economic fundamental.

RMP rise up bring goods price higher and inflation accumalating in these year. US will happy because China reserve in hand with USD currency will automatic devalue. But finally they need to pay more to acquire china's products. So, who is the winner in these day we do not know yet.

North Korea football team pushed up by media named it as "Secret Team". The Asian bookies used this excuse to create lower odd for betting.

The Asia Twin brothers mislead by someone and showing a good show but What I see they finally lose the adventage in both rally. Of course, the football match result only need 90 minutes. It was the true and difference skill.

In the economic fundamental value, China needs to learn more and the result will show only in 10 years. What is the final results?

I have make some assumptions on that:-
a) China Porperty value will collapse
b) China cut off/suspend public listed company in China trading in HK market.
c) US tell China should cancel off all the USD bonds in hand to help them teo restructing the economic.
d) All China companies buying controlling bid in Oversea suspended by China Government due to laundry money affected RMB lose the invalid status.

Sport game excited on certain period of time and faster given you and me a final result. A development of one countries needs a decade or century to built it up. So, hardly tell you I am right or wrong.

Malaysia lose a lot of things because we are enjoying some assets from grand grand parent. So, because of that, a simple law need spend about a week to argue. If we do respected law, we should not listen someone to tell us. We should bring that into proceeding of debate in Parliment to define the meaning. So such law can be solved by one or 2 person thought or mouths. Last time, we had a bad case named it "lingam" CD. That is because our law identified/controlled by one person and he was brought Malaysian Nation loss proper education in good system.

On such situation and laws manipulated by one group of people. So, what shares we should buy now?

I am advise we should sell shares until next year June. Any reinstate or rebuilt your funds can be start on after that period of time.

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