Friday, June 18, 2010

Too Late

An article wrote in the newspaper about Kenmark's case. It was claimed Bursa and SC took action too late. I do agree on that. Like last week at here, I was wrote few comments at here. So, what is the right move?

Malaysia bursa regulations and SC Act being provided some preventive on certain unusual transactions but usually hardly to execute it because the power of execution belonging to others enforcement teams. That is a big gap and weakness point.

You are always could read some news in the paper. Some offer by politician to people being hold for few years be no answer as well as no execution. Our government body created so many department to help reduce the unemployment rate. So, this way help country indirectly kick out some talent people and migrate to oversea because of feel frustration on that. Inquality employment created the low standard of performance, they are not even or ever understanding on certain act and issue, so that no action being taken by our lovely government servants who holding on such big power.

So, although the action be taken by SC or Bursa but we always feel that is a "show" only. How many percent can be succeed on the action". It was always query by Malaysian citizen. When a case be taken off due to criminal, normally good chance of charge on it. It was rare be happen the case can be lose, but it has been always happen in Malaysia. Why? Refer back on past few years example like Suremax, Omega and Fountain, Autoway or Union Paper case have gave you clear answer on it and being tell you the guidance. Are you hear those cases now? Can you show me how many people or directors being charged into jail? or maybe you should ask where is the case? When you brought this question to our beloved Minister? He will answer you " let me check first" or "I have to ask my Directors Secreatary of department" or "We do not have any good evident on that case". That was a big pain on most of the faithful investors.

Our Malaysia lawyers happy on that, the delay of case help them earn extra. If we have a law enforce it every criminal/civil case have to fix a certain period for finalizing. I think everyone will feel fair and safe. Otherwise finally like a rich man being built a highway or luxury house but forgotten to use it. When he was died, three word will follow him forever. There is "Waste", "Waste' and "Waste".

Enforcement teams never care about it because they are not understand of the seriously of the case. On this issue, bursa and SC being took action. Normally commercial crime division of the police department should use initiative to prevent some important documents be destroy to help this action can be succeed. So, investors will feel happy and confident on that. Because every single cents earn is legal and fair.

On the above, you should well know what is the meaning of Slogan of "Malaysia boleh". It has been created fantastic, miracle and wonderful again. This is a big reason of Foreign Direct Investment run again.

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